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The Dark Beyblade Nemesis Has Awakened Is Your Job To Find The Remaining 8 Legend Bladers And Defeat Nemesis


You Start With Gingka And Galaxy Pegasus And Battle Kyoya With Rock Leone Just To Find Out About The 4D System! Gingka And Kyoya Go Out On A Adventure To Find The Next Legend Blader.Only To Discover Ryuga and Yuki The 3RD and 4TH Legend Bladers Gingka,Kyoya battle Ryuga.Yuki Fights And Gets His Mercury Anubis To Go Legendary Beyblade.Just After The Battle They Go Out and Meet The 5TH Legend Blader Aguma and His Friend Bao And Their Beyblades Scythe Kronos and Hades Crown.They Enter a Tournament when in the final battle is Gingka And Yuki Vs Aguma And Bao.Continuing The Adventure Gingka,Kyoya,and Yuki Find The Sixth Legend Blader King Who Owns The Right/Left Spining Variares They Enter The 360 Tournament When They See Gingka's Former Gan Gan Galaxy Partner Tsubasa And The Original Championship Team The Gracys.Gingka,Yuki,and King They Find The Seventh Legend Blader Dunamis and Jade Jupiter.When That Happens They Meet With Kyoya and His Former Group Wild Fang.They All Meet Ryuto And His Bey Omega Dragonis.Ryuto and Gingka Battle Dunamis In A Astrology Stadium.When The Battle Ended Gingka,Kyoya,Yuki,King,And Wild Fang Go On To America Where They Meet Masamune,Zeo,and Toby Gingka Showed Masamune His New Beyblade Big Bang Pegasus And Masamune Gets Jealous So Madoka Makes Him A New Beyblade Blitz Striker.Then Toby And Zeo Battle Them With Spiral Lyra and Spiral Fox.Everyone Go Out To Find The 8th Legend Blader Chris And His Beyblade Phantom Orion.Masamune Battles Chris With His Blitz Striker.

Then Yu Finds Kyoya In Africa And They Meet The 9TH Legend Blader Titi and His Beyblade Death Quetzalcoatl.Kyoya and Yu Battle Titi.Kenta And Ryuga Battle Each other.Then They All Meet Up With Aguma,Dunamis.and Chris Who Had Been Controlled By Rago and Proto Nemesis.When They Come Back To Their Senses They Go to Meet Rago and Pluto They Find Them To Find Out a Secret Doji Is Still Alive and Had Joined Rago and Pluto.Then They Fight And Proto Nemesis Turns To Devil Nemesis.

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